Nails, unlike your outfit and makeup are less conspicuous. But, a fleeting glance at a person’s nails reveals a lot about them. Nails are a reflection of your general health and personal hygiene habits. There are several health conditions responsible for brittle, discolored and disfigured nails. However, nail abnormalities can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies and poor grooming.

1. Regular Nail Care

Your nails will be in the worst state if they are not cared for or maintained regularly. The nail as well as the area around it should be kept clean. Doing so prevents bacteria from setting in and culminating in fungal infections. Your nail care routine should include the following:

  1. Trimming nails regularly.
  2. Filing them to smoothen out uneven and craggy edges. Use a fine grain file and move in one direction.
  3. Moisturizing the nails and the skin around it daily. Castor oil or petroleum jelly can be used to do so.
  4. Cleaning underneath the nails.
  5. Cleaning with an anti-bacterial and soft bristled brush under the tip and around the nail.
  6. Using nail strengthening products to increase resistance to external elements that cause damage.

In addition to these basic steps there are many other dos and don’ts. Before your push back the cuticle, soak the nails in water. It becomes easier to push back the cuticle while at the same time causing less damage. Use a cuticle pusher and push it back gently. Never pick on the cuticles or the skin surrounding the nails. It injures the skin and allows bacteria a chance to set in. To add to it, it gives it a very untidy look. Shoes that are too tight may cause toe nails to grow out of shape. The nails should never be broken by pulling. Instead, clip them with a pair of scissors or clippers. This applies especially for those with hang nails.

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