Let’s take you down memory lane… On 29th April 2011, crowds gathered at Westminster Abbey and many millions sat glued to their television sets to watch what would be the grandest Royal wedding ever. The second in line to the throne Prince William tied the knot with commoner Kate Middleton as the world watched in awe.

History will repeat itself on 13th July 2013, Saturday as the royal couple welcomes their first born. Yes, the date has been confirmed by friends of the couple while the palace still keeps mum.


Who spilled the beans about the due date?

According to a report in Mail Online, a source close to Prince William and Kate spilled the beans about the due date. The friend stated, “Some of William’s closest pals were at a barbecue hosted by a family friend of the royals recently. They were all discussing the fact that Kate’s baby is due to be born on July 13. Everyone was very excited.”

Adding to the details Mail Online said that the baby is likely to be delivered at the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. This is the same place where Prince William was born. Royal gynecologists Alan Farthing and Marcus Setchell will supervise the delivery.

Had it not been for Kate Middleton’s severe morning sickness in December, the palace would have kept the news of the pregnancy under wraps for a longer time. They continued to maintain secrecy about the due date and the gender of the unborn child. And, if we ask whether the Palace spokespersons have confirmed the latest news about the due date, the answer is “NO”. In a statement to the Herald Sun on Friday night a Palace Spokesperson said, “We have only said that the Duchess is due in July. Anything further would be speculation.”


What about the Coronation Festival?

The announcement of the due date has led to several other speculations. One among them is the birth coinciding with the Coronation festivities. The Palace will be hosting a 4 day long celebration to commemorate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The celebrations will commence on July 11th and close on July 14th. According to insiders speaking to Mail Online, it will be grand and full scale event; one that befits a queen.

In the event that Kate gives birth on July 13th, which lands exactly in the middle of the festivities, Prince William and Kate will have no option but to give the festivities a miss. Now, come-one, they have a valid reason to skip the festivities.

And if you were expecting some news of the gender too, we only have Prince Harry’s statements to bank on. An excited uncle-to-be disclosed to close friends that Kate and William are expecting a son. If we really want to know the gender of the child, only the 13th of July will tell.

So, keep the date. It’s 13 July 2013 when the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth.


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