10 Fashion Faux Pas… Women Beware

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When asked what fashion means to them, many women confidently answer “It’s all about comfort.” Agreed, but remember the photo of the celebrity in the magazine the one with the oversized T-shirt teamed with a pair of shorts. It grabbed the attention of critics and had a list of comments stating how she needed to pay urgent attention to her style preferences. Wasn’t she probably trying to be comfortable on a hot summer afternoon?

We are trying to hint at the true meaning of fashion. It is not about getting dressed in the trendiest clothes, dressy shoes and flaunting eye catching colors. It is fashion sense and comfort combined. There are rules to adhere to if you want to look uber chic. Failure to follow the rules results in fashion disasters.

So girls, here are common fashion blunders to avoid if you don’t want to hear the sniggers and silent whispers behind your back.


Women wear strappy dresses and tops with flabby arms, sport backless dresses with a bony frame, wear figure hugging tops in which bulges are easily defined, wear tight clothing that look like the buttons will pop any time and loose clothing as though it has been borrowed clothing and small short tops. Clothing you put on should conceal the flaws and accentuate your body attributes. Along with dressing for your body shape, you should dress for the occasion and to your age. The undergarments should also be well fitted. Don’t reveal too much of the skin and don’t overdress.

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