10 Quick Fixes for those Last-Minute Wedding Disasters

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Let’s face it- No wedding is complete without a disaster. Everyone plans their wedding meticulously, months in advance to ensure that everything falls in place. The night before the wedding you prepare a long list and tick against the particulars to confirm you’ve not given any important task a miss.

Despite this, on the main day you will find yourself dogged by problems. Either the zipper of your dress won’t go up or there is new zit sprouting on your face or worse you can’t remember where you put the rings. What should you do? This is day you really don’t have time to spare!

If you’re going to get hitched soon, there are some common wedding disasters you should get familiar with. Additionally, you can equip yourself with the solutions to these problems.


1. A Dressy Mess

A wedding dress that does not fit is a bride-to-be’s worst nightmare. Many brides put on weight out of happiness while the wedding stress causes some to drop oodles of weight. As a rule of the thumb you should try your dress and footwear the previous day of the wedding. However, if you don’t get a chance and on the wedding day the zipper does not pull up, pull it up to the height you can and then sew it in place. Conceal it with some ribbons or hide it with your veil.

If the dress fits put the zipper is a little rough breath as much as you can and then try to pull the zipper up. If by chance your dress gets loose, tighten it in the armpit area with same colored thread.

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