10 Tips to Smell Clean and Fresh All Day Long

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If your colleagues are maintaining safe distance from you, the first thing you need to do is consider the way you smell. Bad breath and body odor are not only embarrassing but also offensive. I am sure you cannot stand a person who reeks of sweat and filth. If you suffer either from bad breath or body odor, changing the old habits and cultivating new ones can help you avoid embarrassment and awkward situations.

1. Shower Daily :

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Bad body odor is the result of bacteria buildup under the arms particularly with sweat. Hence, scrubbing away the bacteria is one of the ways to get rid of bad body odor.

It starts with taking a shower daily. You might not wash your hair daily, but a body wash is a must.

Use a scented soap or body wash so that you come out smelling good. Also, opt for an antibacterial soap or one with lemon if body odor is a persistent problem.



2. Shave Your Underarms :

Hair on the underarms tends to make the problem of bad body odor worse. It makes you sweatier. It also does not allow the sweat to dry easily. To add, the hair gives the bacteria a good place to grow and multiply. The best therefore is to shave your underarms clean.

3. Use a Deodorant :

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A deodorant or perfume helps mask unpleasant body odors. A few of them are also designed to be antiperspirants. As such, they control perspirations.

There are spray-on and roll-ons; the former lasts a little longer than the latter. Choose a soothing fragrance as extremely overpowering scents can be equally repelling. Apply perfume to your pulse points.

4. Rub Alum or Dust Baking Soda :

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For those with perfume sensitivity, using deodorants is out of the question. Nonetheless, you can use alum and baking soda to control the production of sweat at least temporarily. They also make the skin less conducive to the growth of bacteria. Rub a piece of alum under the arms immediately after you shower. Conversely, you can also lightly dust some baking soda under the arms.

5. Wash Your Hair Regularly :

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Dirty hair can also make you smell bad. This because the sweat mingles with the oils produced by the scalp.

You should wash your hair every second day. However, if you have every dry hair, you can go for every third day.

An additional tip is to use a shampoo and conditioner with a good fragrance.





6. Wear Clean, Laundered Clothes :

Many people have a habit of repeating clothing without washing it. That’s another big problem. You should wear fresh and clean clothes everyday especially if you sweat profusely. Change your socks and undergarments everyday too. If you have smelly feet, dust some talcum powder into your shoes. Also, replace the insoles periodically.

7. Choose The Right Fabrics :

Your choice of fabrics will also determine how you smell. There are special moisture wicking fabrics that allow the sweat to dry up fast and thereby helps reduce smells. You should opt for natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen and silks as they allow the skin to breathe better.

8. Avoid Foods With Pungent Flavors :

What you eat also determines how you smell. You should steer clear of foods with pungent flavors such as garlic, hot peppers and onion. The hot flavors in these food items often pass into the sweat making you smell bad. Alcohol and caffeine might also make you sweat more.

9. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene :

If you suffer bad breath, you might want to pay attention to your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day. Floss your teeth to get rid of food particles lodged between your teeth. Also, rinse your mouth with a mouthwash after every meal.

10. Keep Mint and Chewing Gum :

Sometimes, bad breath is not a persistent problem. You may suffer if you have cold, if you’ve eaten raw garlic or onion at a meal. In such circumstances, you can simply pop in a mint tablet or chewing gum to mask bad breath.



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