5 Holiday Themes for your Wedding

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We all look forward to our wedding day. It’s the day you’ve dreamed of for years. You’ve visualized every detail- the dress, the flowers, the trail of bridesmaids, your groom at the altar, the flower décor, the guests, your family, the reception and a lot more. It all looks beautiful and fairytale-like, doesn’t it? However, when you actually get down to planning it all, it wears you out completely.

You spent hours thinking about a unique wedding theme. You asked your friends for ideas too but, all you get are the commonly used and repeated wedding themes.

We have a suggestion. If your wedding date coincides with a recognized holiday, you can make it the theme for your wedding. These festive occasions celebrated with pomp and grandeur make perfect wedding themes. Besides, they have their staple color scheme and décor options. Thus, you may only need to add a few personal tweaks.

So, check out these 5 holiday wedding themes and choose your favorite.


1. Christmas Theme

 Christmas wedding theme ideas

This is one of the most popular winter wedding themes. The deep reds and greens of the season stand out against the white (particularly in the countries it snows). However, along with the traditional red, green and white of the Christmas season, you could use gold and silver too. Your bridesmaids can wear bright reds or green. Floral wreaths can be created in the same colors. Christmas ornaments and decorations can serve as pretty favors and centerpieces. The bonus of a Christmas themed wedding is most venues will already be heavily decked for the festival. Additionally, holiday and clearance sales will help you get items at a reasonable rate.


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