5 Tips on How to Keep your Eyeliner from Running

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Eyeliner when applied in the right manner can go a long way in brightening your eyes. If you don’t have time to sit apply eye shadow before you head to work, you can simply line them and you’re ready to go. Agreed, it is the easiest and quickest of makeup application. But, how many of us eyeliner users can proudly declare we’ve never had an eyeliner mishap?

You must have at least once been in a situation when your eyeliner smudged and smeared giving you the raccoon eye look or even worse left you looking as though you just stepped of a gory horror story.

Unfortunately for some of us it is repeat occurrence. No matter how much you try you simply cannot keep the eyeliner in place all day. So if you’ve been struggling to prevent your eyeliner from smudging and running, here are some handy tips you could use.


1. Get the Prep right

The skin constantly produces oil and sebum to prevent the skin from drying out. However, this build up of oil acts as an arch enemy to your eyeliner. It does not allow eyeliner or any makeup to adhere to the skin properly. For this reason, it runs or smears easily. Hence, to start prepare the eyelids and rid them of dirt, oil, layers of eye cream and moisturizer.

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