6 Stiletto Tips for First Time Wearers

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Stilettos look chic and classy. Their towering height and dainty designs add oomph, style and sophistication to one’s overall look. However, many first-time wearers have a tough time moving about in stilettos. They struggle to walk in those towering heels and look as though they would fall flat if their support was snatched away. This first uncomfortable encounter with stilettos makes them swear never to wear them again.

High heels like stilettos are tricky, but not difficult to wear and walk around in. With a few tips and some practice, you will be able to step out in stilettos soon.

Read through these stiletto tips for first time wearers to avoid awkward moments and discomfort when wearing stilettos.


1. Exercising the leg muscles

Stilettos literally have you walking on your toes. The entire body weight has to be balanced by the toes. Thus, some exercises before you put them on are a must.

Relax the muscles of your feet by curling the toes inward and then releasing. Rotate the ankles. In addition to this, stretch your foot forward and release gently. Such exercises relax the muscles of the foot and prepare it to take the body weight.


2. Practice Walking in your stilettos

You’ve never worn stilettos before so you don’t really know how they feel on the feet. You bought a pair of high stilettos because they looked attractive, but more than its beauty you need to see how comfortable they are and how well you can carry them.

Try the stilettos a day before the actual event. Practice standing in them. Standing in them and then turning from side to side will help you get used to the height.

Practice walking in them at home. Practice on hard surfaces first so that you can learn to balance in them. Walk in narrow straight lines. When walking, the heel should touch the ground first. The feet should be pointed straight. Take smaller steps to avoid teetering and to maintain stability as you walk. Observe your standing and walking posture in a full sized mirror.


3. Experimenting with surfaces

Once you’ve gained confidence walking on hard surfaces (such as your floor), you should practice walking on uneven surfaces. These could include grassy surfaces, cobbled paths or heavily carpeted areas. If you are a first time wearer of stilettos and if you will be wearing it on grassy unpaved surfaces, you can use plastic cap protectors for the heels to prevent the tips from sinking in.


4. How are the stilettos treating you?

Are your stilettos too tight? Are your stilettos causing a foot sore? Understanding how your stilettos treat you will keep you prepared for feet problems you may encounter due to long hours of wearing. You may need additional padding to make the shoe more comfortable and avoid foot sores.


5. What is the optimum height?

There is no strict rule about the height. If you will be required to move about on the occasion, we would advise wearing heels or a slightly shorter height. Since this is the first time, it will be a better option to go for chunkier heels.


6. A tip

Stilettos are shoes to die for. But you should limit the use of stilettos. Podiatrists state that regular use of stilettos could cause damage to the tendons in the legs and back and could result in severe untreatable pain in the long run.




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