8 Female Celebrities Who Sizzle at 40… Yes, they’ve made time stand still!

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As women there’s one thing we all dread- Aging. None of us want to age especially after hearing the wise old sayings of how beauty withers with time. However, the recently concluded red carpet events left us enthralled. Not for their pomp and glamour, but for its timeless beauties.

A number of Hollywood beauties belonging to the 40 plus club grabbed the limelight for their superior sense of style and beauty that still remains untouched by time. And, a glance at them forces us to question- have they really managed to make time stand still?

Here’s bringing to you the lineup of women who continue to sizzle at 40.

1. Jennifer Aniston

JENNIFER ANISTON arriving to Director's Guild Awards 2012 on January 28, 2012 in Hollywood, CADFree/Bigstock.com

The ever-popular “Friends” star is the first on our list. Aged 44, she still manages to turn heads wherever she goes. We caught a glimpse of her as she dazzled in her a red couture gown at the Oscars. Her personal and professional life has seen several ups and downs, but this petite beauty has not let it bother her. In fact, she’s looking a lot better than a few years ago. Given the news of her impeding wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux, we wish her all the best.

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