About Us

It’s a Heart To Heart Conversation between Us Women!

Our counterparts blatantly call us “A Complicated Tribe”. They fail to understand why women take so long to get ready… why women get cranky if they forget to call… how she manages to look chic and sensual day after day… how she juggles home, office and the kids… And, how she research paper help sites manages to stay strong and unshaken in all those trying moments of life.

“Complicated Tribe” Sounds a little offensive, doesn’t it? But, we believe it holds a hidden truth; a truth most women are unaware of.

A day in the life of a woman is difficult to put down in words. It is interwoven in relationships, duties, responsibilities, commitments and assignments.500 word college essay examples In the midst of fulfilling these obligations towards home and office, she often loses herself. Beauty and health come to occupy the lowest rungs on her list of priorities.

We agree that as a woman your life is not only your own. You step into different shoes– that of wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a daughter-in law and strive to live every relationship to the best you can. But, what about the ‘Woman in You’? Don’t you think she deserves to be pampered and cared for too?

If you think “Yes”, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Here’s a teaser of who we are, where we belong and what have we to offer to our women fraternity.


A Glimpse of our Beginning

Womanin.me is an online magazine dedicated to women. The aim of founding this website was to provide all the information and guidance a woman needs to go through her entire day without difficulty.

Our site carries articles on a range of topics including beauty, style, health, weight loss and relationships. Each day we add new interesting topics that delve into the trivial and important events in the life of a woman. The best part of our website is our team that runs it; it comprises of young, talented women who can easily relate with our woman audience and provide the best advice in the most adverse situations.


What you can expect here?

• Beauty and Fashion:

This is an inseparable aspect of a woman’s life. Womanin.me provides valuable tips you need to be dressed flawlessly from head to toe. It covers outfit options, nail embellishments and heath, makeup dos and don’ts, skin care, hairstyling and hair care and shoe issues.

• Home and Lifestyle:

Do you have a tough time decorating the interiors of your home or organizing a kitchen cupboard? Don’t worry you can find assistance here. Also learn to cope with various lifestyle issues associated with work and family life.

• Handle your Relationships with Care:

Relationships are fragile and need to be handled with care. Our experts at womanin.me advice you on how you could keep the spark alive in your relationship or revive a relationship that is likely to fall apart. The Matters of the heart are not the only relationship issues dealt with here. It helps new moms cope with the baby blues and others with a rebelling teen.

• For the Movie Buff:

If you’re fond of movies, we won’t let you get bored. Catch the latest updates on movies including upcoming movies and the best of those gone by.

• Tinsel Town Tales:

Celebrities, we look up to them for inspiration in all that we do. Not only this, we love to keep abreast with the ups and downs in their lives. You can look up womanin.me for all those intriguing tinsel town tales.

• Health:

Health is another aspect most women neglect. Womanin.me ensures you stay fighting fit by divulging tips on weight loss, exercising options and diet patterns and restrictions.

So, whether you’re hunting for surefire methods to drop weight and shape up or whether you’re struggling to find an outfit that flatters your body, you can find help here. And as we grow we promise to get better.

For any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us, contact@womanin.me. After all, that is what we’re here for- To help you discover the “Woman in me”