Whether you’re a new mom or a mom to a five year old parenting still remains the same. If asked to describe it in two words it would be- time consuming and taxing. You’re stuck between cooking, cleaning, the baby and of course work if you’re a working mom. Your day starts with the “Tring-Tring” of the alarm but, somehow you fail to understand how and when it needs.

Parenting is something every mother holds close to her heart. But, amidst all the duties and responsibilities she tends to lose herself. Seldom does she find “ME” time to pamper herself. Style and fashion trends automatically take the back seat.

There is truly no time to get dressed to perfection (remember the dinner dates with your hubby before the little one came along. How you fussed over details!). But, what if we tell you can stay stylish without having to devote additional time to personal grooming. Confused? Yes, you can with only a few minor tweaks to current wardrobe. How? You can find out below.

1. Embrace your New Figure

One of the main reasons why women stop paying attention to their style post pregnancy is because of the change in their figure. Many women gain oodles of weight during pregnancy and it may take some time before they can lose the baby weight. The belly bulge stays for a while. Few manage to lose weight post pregnancy but, there are some permanent body changes that occur. If you had a lean profile, you will notice that your hips have become wider and your figure has got curvier.

If you hate those oodles of weight or detest your new figure because it deprives you a chance to slip into the chic clothing sitting in your closet, stop it right now. Accept your new figure. You can always dress to your new body shape and flatter your figure.

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