Top 5 Fashionable Celebrity Couples… You can take Style Cues from them

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When we think about celebrity fashion, we visualize celebrities dressed to perfection. But, this holds true for only a few of them. And if you assess them as a couple, there are even fewer to make it to the “Fashionable” list. It is often observed that one partner dresses spectacularly while the other one puts up a very shoddy appearance.

Among this crowd, there are selected couples who dress to complement their counterparts every single time. Whenever these power couples step out together they never go without grabbing eyeballs. So, here’s bringing to you the most fashionable celebrity couples.

1. David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckhamimage via: pinterest

Who would deny that they are an undisputable best dressed couple? Speaking about Posh her every look be it a red carpet event or running errands is effortlessly chic and stylish. She has the most coveted figure for a mother of four. Her entire being exudes confidence and she carries every look with flair. Mr. Beckham is no less. In addition to being a soccer superstar he has become a global fashion icon. He ensures he keeps up with his fashionable wife with impeccably tailored clothing and of course his innovative hairstyles.

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