Eyebrows for your Face Shape… Tweeze Them Right

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Like accessories are to clothing so are eyebrows to your face. Eyebrows have the ability to frame the face and add definition. They help to cleverly conceal facial flaws and to highlight the good attributes. Thus, eyebrows can change the way you look.

When looking at the face as a whole, the eyebrows usually go unnoticed. But, a wrong shape is quick to grab eyeballs. Often we fail to determine the brow shape that would best suit our face cut. If you’ve been experiencing the same difficulty, we shall help you find the eyebrow shape that works perfectly for you.


1. Oval Shape

An oval face is one of the best shapes to work with be it brow shapes or hairstyles. This face cut can pull off a variety of brow shapes comfortably and without looking odd. You can however try soft angled brows. They look great.

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