The summer sunshine is always welcome. Unlike the bleak landscapes of winter, summer days are bright, cheerful and uplifting. However, summer months also bring in balmy temperatures that call for major changes to your wardrobe. Long coats and furry jackets are stowed to make place for cool summery dresses in flowing fabrics. We also cannot miss mentioning the bottles of sunscreen needed to shield your skin from the sun.

In addition to the modifications to clothing and skin care, summer makes a big difference to your headwear. Hats, scarves, headbands and caps come to occupy an important place in your wardrobe. The appropriate headwear adds flamboyance and elegance to your look. It has the ability to spruce up an otherwise plain dress. Not only this, it protects your hair from the damaging rays of the run.

So, here is a handful of hints to don your summer headgear with élan.

1. Summer Hats

Tips on choosing summer hat for women

Hats always remind me of actresses in classic movies… Young girls in long gowns, a wide brimmed straw hat and a basket in their hand strolling among the lush green fields. Beautiful and so feminine! That’s why it’s included the first on this list of fashionable summer Headwear.

Hats in various styles, sizes and colors are a perfect summer accessory for girls. The traditional straw hats now have a company in the chic and stylish cotton and linen hats. There are various styles you can opt for- Visors, cowboy hats, Panamas, fedoras and millinery. Beige and brown are universal colors that complement almost every outfit. However, you need not stick to them. You can opt for brightly colored hats with embellishments such as a flower, bow, buckled band or lacy knot. It is best to buy a colored hat that matches your outfit for the day.

The right hairstyles can also add flair to your summer hat. Consider leaving your hair loose. For a flirty and fun look try the pigtails or a low ponytail. A messy side is the best if it is a formal brunch.

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