Have you got your Makeup Right? Look into your Mirror One Last Time

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If outward appearances did not matter much many women would have never bothered about makeup. After all where is the time to apply makeup each day! However, since we live in a world that judges us based on our looks, we are left with no option but to use it.

Makeup easily conceals various skin imperfections such as ugly blemishes, sunken eyes, dark circles, freckles and acne spots. It helps you create a flawless, refined and polished look. But, the effectiveness of makeup relies heavily on the manner in which it has been applied. Beginners especially struggle to get their makeup right and go overboard with it.

In this short section we shall shed light on the dos and don’ts of makeup. So, if you’re looking for makeup tips to perfect your everyday look, stay tuned with us.

Makeup Kit: The checklist

SHANY 2012 Edition All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, 25 Ounce

SHANY 2012 Edition All In One Harmony Makeup Kit, 25 Ounce

Every makeup kit should be stocked with a few essential items for easy and hassle free makeup application. Your vanity cases cannot do without:

  1. Makeup Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Blush or highlighter
  5. Eye shadow (in varied shades), eye liner and mascara
  6. Lips sticks (in varied shades), lip liner and lip gloss.

If your makeup kit is missing out on any of these items, purchase it from your local cosmetic store. One should always use good quality cosmetic products even if they cost a few extra bucks. Poor quality products can damage your skin and result in breakouts.

1. Foundation

The foundation is the base of your entire makeup. Given below are tips to get it right.

  1. Foundation should be applied lightly and not in thick heavy layers (caked-up look). It should be adequate enough to cover up skin imperfections.
  2. The foundation tone should match your natural skin tone. Test in natural light to find the color closest to your skin tone.
  3. Foundation should be applied evenly and blended well. Remember to blend foundation at the jaw-line, hairline, near the ears and neck.

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