While she paid tribute to her mom Kris Jenner, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star made another strange revelation on Mother’s Day.

Kim Kardashian is due in July and is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of her first born. But, she also disclosed that the emotions of happiness are mingled with those of fear for she is “anxious and nervous” about becoming a mom. Nothing to worry Kim! There are many first-time moms-to-be who will be able identify with you.

On her blog, on Sunday 12 May, Kim Kardashian discussed motherhood as a gift. However, she went on to add that it could be a real challenge particularly when there was a career and hectic lifestyle in tow. She posted, “Mother’s day is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a special day to honor my role model and friend. As I’m counting days until I finally get to become a mother, I’m a bit nervous and anxious but also excited knowing that I learned from the very best.”

Kanye West’s girlfriend and baby mama also extended thanks to mother Kris Jenner (57) for being a great source of inspiration throughout her pregnancy. Also in the list of mentors is her elder sister Kourtney Kardashian (34) who has two kids Mason and Penelope. The brunette beauty says she has always received the required support and guidance from these two women whom she considers motivational figures in her life.

Speaking about her mom, she said, “My mom is a strong and ambitious career woman that despite her busy schedule and the million things she has going on, she still manages to put family first and continues to look out for us everyday.” Kim hopes to make her mother proud just the way she is of her today.

Kim also heaped praises on sister Kourtney. “She is a super woman with her ability to effortlessly balance work with taking care of tow amazing kids and I am lucky to have her as my guide and confidant as I too become a mother.” Kim sure didn’t forget to mention her grandmother MJ among the many role models in her life.

According to what was revealed to Fabulous magazine, the reality star was mainly concerned about the privacy and protection of her unborn child more than anything. She expressed her concerns on being able to bring up her child with good values and morals in the limelight and the influence her fame would have on her child’s life. However, she takes respite in the fact that the limelight could not spoil younger siblings Kendall and Kylie who according to her have grown up “amazingly”.

Meanwhile, there have been other reports surrounding Kanye and Kim’s relationship. She confided to Fabulous magazine that she and boyfriend “live very different lives”. Kim says she has never shied away from the cameras because that’s the way she has always wanted her life to be – An open book. Her rapper boyfriend on the contrary, is a more private person. Kim claimed that she has become more reclusive after pregnancy for the sake of the privacy of her now growing family, her unborn child and boyfriend. But, this does not necessarily imply that she is holding herself back. We only hope Kim that this privacy clash does not prove fatal to your relationship.


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