Tips to Make your Lipstick Last Longer… Perfect your Pout

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Lipstick dramatically alters one’s look. It swaps a dull, tired look for a fresh, brightened one. While many women would think of foregoing other makeup, hardly few would do the same for lipstick. In fact, a lipstick tube is a staple in every woman’s handbag. You will find at least one standard shade and two more alternate shades.

But, do you know why women carry lipstick with them everywhere they go? So that whenever they get a chance to peek into the mirror, they can perfect their pout with a quick dash of lipstick.

The problem with lipstick is it wears off very soon if not applied properly. One sip of coffee is enough to transfer lipstick from your lips to your coffee mug. Moreover, there is not always a chance to reapply lipstick. So, how do you make your lipstick last longer? We have tips to guide you on it.


1. Applying Lipstick

There are different ways to apply lipstick to make it last all day. You will require a sufficiently large looking mirror, lipstick, lip brush, lip liners, powder and tissues.

1.1 Method 1:

Take your lip liner in the color of your lipstick and color the entire lip with the liner. We repeat -don’t just line it. The lip liner base will allow the lipstick to adhere to your lips longer and also acts as a lip stain enhancing the color. Apply lipstick to your lips. Press your lips on a tissue paper and remove excess lipstick. Reapply another coat of lipstick. Dust the lips with loose translucent powder to keep it in place. Use a tissue to wipe off excess powder.

1.2 Method 2:

Like you do for the rest of makeup start by preparing the lips with foundation. It increases the life span of your makeup. It also fills in creases and creates an even surface. Define your lips with a lip liner. Follow this with the lipstick. Finish your look with a lip gloss. (The last step is optional).

1.3 Method 3:

You can use the same procedure mentioned in one. However, this method dispenses with the first step using the lip liner.

1.4 Method 4:

Apply one coat of lipstick. Dust it with loose powder. Reapply another coat of lipstick over this.

1.5 Method 5:

There is one more method. Use the lip liner first to line the lips. It should never be darker than the lipstick color. Makeup artists suggest using a lip brush to apply the lip color. It is believed that it helps the color stay longer because it creates thin, even layers. Top it up with gloss.

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