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Given below is our website disclaimer policy. It outlines the various circumstances under which “We”, the website owners of disclaim responsibility for content, products or services provided on our website. We request the users of our website to read the terms and conditions carefully and consent to it. If you do not agree to the clauses of this website disclaimer policy, whatever the reason, we advise that you cease to use the website.


Website Content

The content displayed on is provided “As-is” and all warranties, expressed or implied are disclaimed.

  • Every effort is taken to ensure that the information and content provided on is accurate and up-to-date. However, it may contain errors, out-dated information, omissions, bugs and other such limitations. The owners of disclaim responsibility for errors, omissions or wrong information provided. We advise users to use website information and its services at their own risk.
  • At we provide information, content, how-to guides and tips on a range of topics right from health to home to beauty. There are certain sections wherein the information provided may appear sexually explicit or may sound discriminatory or inflammatory. Website visitors should note that the purpose of doing so is not to discriminate or offend any individual or group of people, but to make what we write simple and easy to understand to a lay person. By using our website you agree that you are conscious of the nature of the content and are not offended by it.
  • Our main aim is to provide educational information meant for referencing purposes only. It has not been evaluated by any medical authority. Therefore, it should not be treated as professional or medical advice. It should also not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
  • We also reserve the right to change or delete certain sections of our website without prior notice.
  • Before using any of the products, diet changes or exercise tips mentioned on our website you should consult a doctor or health care professional.


Availability of Our Website

We employ third party service providers to manage and supervise the availability of our website. The type of hardware, network and software governs the availability of our website. We strive to ensure that our website is available at all times. We also strive to make every visit interruption free. However, there may be occasions when the website is temporarily unavailable or specific features become inaccessible. We disclaim all responsibility for damages arising out of the unavailability of our website and its services.


Security of Customer Information

As part of website operation and services, we collect personal and non-personal information from our website users. This information is collected for a variety of purposes that concern the interest of our website and its users. The information thus collected is stored securely using varied security measures. But, no security system guarantees full proof protection and is susceptible to hacking, corruption and interception. We shall not be responsible for information lost, corrupted or misused either during transit or caused by the interception of our security systems.


Hyperlinks and Third Party Associates

Our website may contain links to third party websites or a mention of the products and services of third parties. The third party sites are beyond our control and operated by third party associates. They may change or delete content, products and services at their own discretion. If you opt to buy a product or service from their website you deal directly with them; we have no share or role to play in the transactions and agreements concluded between you and third party associates. The presence of links or products on our website does not mean that we endorse or support the products. You should buy products and services from third party sites at your own risk and only after first investigating about them.

This website disclaimer policy is subject to changes. It is the duty of the website users to check back as often as possible and take note of the changes.