6 Easy Exercises to Tone and Tighten Your Butt

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For many women, their derrière is an asset. So, making sure it remains in top shape is a priority.  If you’re aiming for a firm and toned bottom too, we’ve got a list of 6 incredibly easy, butt-toning exercises. A month or two of these should reward you well and then nothing will stop you from rocking a swimsuit or those sexy boy shorts.

1. Squats –

It is a classic when it comes to toning the lower section of the body, especially your butt. Stand with your feet apart, shoulder-width apart should do. Squat as if you are about to sit and push your butt backwards. Make sure your body weight is transferred to your heels. Squats don’t require any equipment, but you can always add weight in the form of dumbbells.  Do 2 sets of 15-20 reps each.

2. Kickback Squat –

Adding variation and challenge to the regular squat is the kickback squat. It works the buns and the thighs. The first two steps are the same as in the classic squat. In the squatting position, gently unfold your left leg straight behind you and extend your arms forward. Hold the position and return to the squat position. Repeat the same action with the right leg.

3. Glute Bridge –

The Glute Bridge is another exercise that will help shape your derriere. To start with, lie flat on your back. Keep the knees bent with your feet flat on the ground. Supporting your body on your hands pinned down to the sides of your body, gently lift your hips and spine off the floor until your shoulders, hips and knees are in the same line. Squeeze the glutes as you do this exercise. Gently lower your hips back to the floor and repeat.

4. Standing Lunges –

Standing lunges also helps achieve a killer bum.  Start by standing with your feet parallel to each other and hip-distance apart. Your feet should point straight ahead. Using either leg, take one step forward. The knee on the forwarded leg should be aligned with the ankle and should not go beyond the toes. Bend both your knees at a 90 degrees angle so as to lower body gradually. Get back to the standing position and take it with the other leg. 

5. Side Leg Raise –

This is an exercise you can do while watching TV, but make sure you balance well to avoid injury. Lie on the floor on your side with both the legs stacked one above the other. Gently lift the upper leg starting at the hip while the torso remains still. Lower your leg back to the original position. Turn on the other side and repeat the action.

6. Prone Leg Lifts Over a Ball –

This butt toning exercise requires an exercise ball. Lie stomach-down on the ball with the knees bent behind it and your hands on the floor. Lift and extend one of the legs straight behind you. Simultaneously, extend the opposite hand in front of you.  You can try lifting both the legs off the floor at the same time provided it does not exert too much of strain on your back.  If lifting both the legs, keep both the hands on the floor to support the body.



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