7 Tips how to make short eyelashes look longer

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Do you feel bad due to short eyelashes? Do you get mad about it? Well, in case you do get mad at it then you actually should not. This is because there are various ways by which you could increase the length of your eyelashes. Do experiment with all the methods and see for yourself which one suits you the most. You will be amazed as you will get the results. You will be finally able to get awesome looking luxurious and long eye lashes. You will see that your friends will get envious of you and would sure ask you the reason for it.

Here are some tips for making your eyelashes look longer:

1. Castor Oil

Heritage Products Castor Oil

Heritage Products Castor Oil

Using castor oil on your eyelashes is really effective. You can take castor oil on your fingers and rub smoothly on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Castor acts as a moisturizer and even enhances the growth of eyelashes. Choose the best quality castor oil for long lasting results.

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