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We’ve all had those moments when we put the alarm on snooze only to wake up later left with no time to doll up ourselves. For a working mom, it is an everyday affair. Caught between making the breakfast and getting the children ready for school, putting on some makeup or getting a fancy hairstyle done might seem next to impossible.

Does that mean you will have to shoot to work with droopy eyes, blotchy skin and messy hair? Not really. There are quick-fixes for everything including all those rushed mornings.

1. Less Is More –

Skip the rouge, the lip liner, eye shadow and other extras. Settle for a natural look. Foundation is enough to cover up telltale signs of a late night and lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara are just what you need to brighten up your look.

2. Messy Hairstyles Look Grand Too –

Going to office demands formal attire. However, you can experiment with your look without looking inappropriate for the event. If your hair is all wavy and won’t sit, opt for a messy bun, a chignon or a sleek ballet bun. For a more chic and elegant look, you can go for the messy side braid or the twisted ponytail. These are easy to create hairstyles; they don’t take more than 5 minutes. Add a clip or barrette to make others believe you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the hairstyle.

3. Drop Some Makeup Into Your Bag –

You might be able to pinch a few minutes when at work or on the drive to work; so if you have the tools at hand it will get easier. The essentials you must carry include concealer, lipstick, gloss, shadow, eyeliner and blush. They are good for last minute touch-ups.

4. Get The Right Products –

Creating a flawless look in the least possible time also depends heavily on having the right products in your makeup cabinet. A dry shampoo is an invaluable product you must have. It not only masks the oily look and odor of unwashed hair but also adds volume to dull and limp hair. It is a great life saver. You can also opt for cosmetic products that double up such as moisturizer-cum-concealer or a cheek and lip tint.

5. Sleep Over It –

Many women prefer to do their hair at night. It is a good option too. If you want to wake up to perfect, no-fuss waves, tie your hair in a loose braid or bun before you go to sleep.

6. Stick to Clear Polish –

Just like you won’t go wrong with red lipstick, you won’t go wrong with clear nail polish. Add a hint of glitter to the clear coat to make your well-manicured nails look chic and sophisticated.

7. Multitask –

Look for ways to multitask so that you can squeeze in sometime. You can apply the eye cream while you brush your teeth or apply some makeup while the hot rollers sit in your hair.

8. Prepare The Night Before –

For working moms, it will help to plan ahead of time. Shower the night before so that you can save time the next morning. Also, decide on your outfit in advance so you can think of a hairstyle to go with it.

Finally, keep your place organized. Have two or three hairstyles at hand that you can use for rushed mornings.



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