Although not as widespread as hair loss and acne, brittle nails come quite close as one of the major cosmetic issues. Dozens of women (mind you, men suffer it too!) prefer to keep their nails under wraps because they are too shabby for a public appearance. A few have peeled off leaving a hazy white look while others have spilt and broken in a zigzag fashion.

If you’ve always desired to have a set of perfectly manicured nails but have never managed because of their weak structures, you might just need to pamper them a little more. Here are 10 tips to restore dry and brittle nails to good standing.

  1. The one thing we women can do and men can’t is pry open bottles and soda cans with our long talons. As much as you might boast about this unique ability, it is not the wisest thing to do. Using your fingernails as tools cause the tips to peel and break.
  2. I am sure you’ve all noticed that your nails break faster after they’ve spent some time in the water especially after a bath. Therefore, you should always wear protective gloves when doing household chores. Chemicals used in gardening and cleaning also take a toll on your nails.
  3. Dry, brittle nails could also be an indication of a poor diet or a vitamin deficiency. Hence, you should aim for a healthy diet composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Zinc, protein and biotin are the major nutrients for healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin especially strengthens the nails by thickening them.
  4. In addition to natural food sources, you can make up for the body’s nutritional requirements through supplements. A multivitamin containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B-group Vitamins and zinc should cover you for the day. Also, add a calcium supplement.
  5. If you’re into the habit of biting nails, nothing can help repair dry and damaged nails until you stoip biting them. It weakens the nail in the nail bed and thereby reduces the chances of breaking.
  6. It is also a good practice to massage your nails as it improves blood flow in the area. The blood supplies the necessary nutrients thereby helping your nails grow longer and stronger. Massage your nails several times a day.
  7. For nails that are dry and brittle, use a moisturizing cream to massage the nails and the cuticles surrounding them. Nails need moisture just as much as your skin needs it. A cuticle cream containing Vitamin E is the best choice. The cream should be applied before you go to bed and immediately after your hands are out of water. Do the same after you remove nail polish.
  8. Frequent use of nail polish remover robs your nails of moisture causing them to dry out and get damaged. This is because of the acetone present in it. You should restrict your use of polish remover to once a month and preferably use those that do not contain acetone.
  9. The use of olive oil is another effective home remedy to fortify weak and damaged nails. You should soak your nails in extra virgin olive oil for 10-15 minutes every day.
  10. Avoid growing your nails very long as they tend to break easily if they are weak and dry. File them after every trimming session so that the rough edges do not get caught in material and pulled.


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