Everyone desires to have a set of long, healthy well maintained nails. However, those tiny nails are high maintenance. They need to be pampered and looked after more than your hair and skin. Nail routines include regular trimming, filing, shaping, cleaning and strengthening.

Nevertheless, no one minds the hard work if the end result is sweet and rewarding. This article covers the dos and don’ts of maintaining long nails.


What you should do:

1. The nails should be kept clean and dry –

The structure of the nail is such that bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and moisture get easily trapped under the nails. When you submerge your hands in water to do the dishes or other household work, try to wear gloves. You should also clean underneath the nails daily.

2. The nails should be trimmed and filed regularly

In order to maintain the length of the nails, they should be trimmed regularly. Sounds antithetical I know. But, to understand this you should understand how the nail grows.

Nails are made of a structural protein called keratin. The nails push outwards as they grow. The outermost edges grow brittle. So, one has to trim them to maintain healthy long nails. If they break, they break in an unusual manner forcing one to cut off a large portion of the nail. Whenever a nail breaks, cut and file it immediately.

In addition to trimming the nails, you should file them regularly. It will avoid snags and craggy ends. Besides, a pair of well shaped nails looks neat. The best time to trim and file nails is after a bath.

3. Use nail strengtheners –

The nails need proteins and vitamins for their growth too. Nail strengtheners are made of vitamins, calcium and protein. These strengthen the nails and make them resistant to splitting and breakage. They also create a protective layer on the nail and help retain moisture.

4. Use nail cream –

We use a hand cream to moisturize the hands. Apply it to the fingernails and cuticles as well. You can also use a specially formulated nail cream.

5. Eat healthy for your nails –

Along with external factors that promote the health of your nails, you need to eat right to reinforce them internally. Eat a diet rich in vitamin such as Vitamin A, B (B-12), C, E, proteins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and folic acid.

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