Split ends are annoying. They not only make hair unmanageable but also lend a dry, limp and unhealthy look. Excessive heat styling, harsh chemicals and improper hair care make hair vulnerable to damage, splitting and breakage.

The problem of split ends is irreversible. The hair shaft once destroyed cannot be repaired. However, this does not mean you sit tight and watch them invade your mane. It is possible to prevent the formation of split ends.

Listed below are a few tips that will help you say goodbye to split ends. Take a look.


1. Brushing Techniques

Brushing techniques need to be corrected if you want to tackle the problem of split ends. Using excessive force while brushing, back combing, combing frequently or using the wrong type of brush or comb are factors contribute to split ends.

On dry hair use a paddled brush made with flexible bristles to comb it out. You should not comb wet hair as it has a higher tendency of damage and breakage. But, if you should, use a wide toothed comb.

When combing your hair, avoid pulling the brush from top to bottom. It will create a tangled mess and the tugging action causes the hair to split. Instead divide the hair in sections. Work on the ends and then gradually move up. Finally brush through the entire length of hair.

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