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6 Vitamins for hair growth - Tips for your beautiful hair

6 Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

The shampoos and conditioners you slather on your hair will be of no use if the body lacks in important vitamins. Vitamins are the secret to healthy and luscious hair. They play a crucial...
Tips on how to get rid of hair split ends

5 Natural Methods to Say Goodbye to Split Ends

Split ends are annoying. They not only make hair unmanageable but also lend a dry, limp and unhealthy look. Excessive heat styling, harsh chemicals and improper hair care make hair vulnerable to damage, splitting...
Tips on how to get Straight hair naturally

How to Get Straight Hair Naturally… Time to Put Those Hair Straighteners Away

Tired of the comb getting stuck in the messy, curly mop every morning? Want to make your curly mane straighter and more manageable? We have a solution for you. And yes we hear you-...
5 Hairtyles that cause your hair loss

Is Your Hairstyle to Blame for Hair Loss?

One of our biggest concerns after weight gain is hair loss. They say it’s normal to lose about 100 strands of hair each day. But the increasing number of strands on the comb or...
Tips on how to take care of your hair during summer to not turn into unruly and frizzy hair

Humidity Turning Your Hair Into A Frizz-Ball? Summer Hair Care Tips

No matter how healthy the hair is during the other months of the year, summer months tend to be a real battle for many. The increased humidity in the air makes hair unruly and...
tips on how to taking care of you curly hair

How to Fall In Love with Your Curls

Curly locks styled in the right manner can turn heads and make you an object of envy. The well defined, cascading and bouncy curls look gorgeous and trendy. However, this look can be achieved...
how to taking care of your tangled hair tips

Tired of Tangled hair? Taming the Unruly Tresses

The battle of the hair and the comb is one you witness very morning. But, for those with tangled hair it becomes their worst nightmare. If you’re one of them, I am sure you...
the beautiful braid hairstyles tips

7 The Braided Beauty

Braids bring to mind period films. It reminds us of women in their long ball gowns and elaborate braid hairstyles embellished with flowers and stone studded clips. The complete look exuded beauty, elegance and...