7 The Braided Beauty

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Braids bring to mind period films. It reminds us of women in their long ball gowns and elaborate braid hairstyles embellished with flowers and stone studded clips. The complete look exuded beauty, elegance and royalty.

So, are we trying to hint that braid hairstyles are old school? Not at all. It is a timeless classic and still remains a popular pick for a variety of occasions. Braid hairstyles have evolved greatly over the years. It’s a style both young and old women can carry with ease and comfort.

If you’re looking for a trendy hair style, how about becoming the braided beauty for a day. It will keep your hair neat and tidy and at the same time add some zest to your style quotient. We bring to fashionable braided hairstyles. Take a look.


traditional braided plait hair styleIf you leave your tresses loose on all day or work it up in funky hairstyles, surprise others with the traditional plait. Pull back all your hair and braid it. You can banish the boring look with a puff on the top of your head.

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