One of our biggest concerns after weight gain is hair loss. They say it’s normal to lose about 100 strands of hair each day. But the increasing number of strands on the comb or the clumps that come loose when shampooing only reinforce your fears of going bald soon.

We blame it on the shampoos and conditioners loaded with chemicals, hair oil, poor nutrition, illness, excessive styling, scalp infections and dandruff. However, very rarely do we hold our hairstyles responsible for it. Why? Simply because we never thought hair loss could be related to hairstyles.

Many regard the hairstyle-hair loss relationship to be a myth. However, it is untrue as there are certain hairstyles that intensify hair loss. You can read on to know the hairstyles that cause hair loss.


Why do these hairstyles cause hair loss?

If you look up the causes of hair loss, you will surely come across a term “Traction Alopecia”. This condition results due to damage to the hair follicles. The damage occurs when the hair is constantly pulled over a long period of time.

This is exactly what happens with particular types of hairstyles. Tight hairstyles put a lot of tension on the hair roots causing damage to the hair follicles. The shock blocks blood circulation to the hair follicles. Thus, it hampers proper hair growth weakening the hair and causing breakage. When one uses the same hairstyle regularly, it could result in bald patches.


Hairstyles and Hair loss

1. Ponytails

Ponytails are chic and casual. High, tight ponytails that start at the crown exert a lot of tension on the hair strands. Hair loss caused by this hairstyle is generally visible in the form of a receding hair line at the forehead and temples. The hair also breaks very easily. If you can’t think of giving up this hairstyle you can minimize damage by wearing a loose variant starting at the nape.

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