Curly locks styled in the right manner can turn heads and make you an object of envy. The well defined, cascading and bouncy curls look gorgeous and trendy. However, this look can be achieved only with proper maintenance.

A woman with curly hair alone will be able to tell you how difficult managing this type of hair is. Most of the times, it turns dry, frizzy and coarse giving your hair the look of a messy mop. When you try to use force to tame the unruly curls, it breaks. To add to the woes, the entire routine consumes almost 45 minutes which definitely is too much too spare on your hair each day. They end up cutting their curly locks to make it more manageable.

If you experience the same difficulties, don’t submit your hair to the scissors so soon. With the right styling tools and techniques, we assure it wouldn’t be the same time consuming ordeal. So, follow these simple steps and fall in love with your curls.

1. Embrace your Curls

Curly hair is of different types. It can be curly (large loose spiral shaped curls), kinky (small tight Z shaped curls), spiral (in between the curly and kinky) and wavy hair (hair falls in waves). It is often observed that women hate their curly hair and prefer straightening it. The first thing to tell yourself is “curly hair is beautiful”. It is only when you embrace your hair that you will be able to do something to achieve the lustrous look.

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