Till a few decades ago, the idea of a girl getting a tattoo was looked upon with contempt. It was not a very welcome step for searching for tattoo Ideas and most girls stayed away. However, in modern times, tattoos have become a fashion statement. For this reason, many girls frequent tattoo parlors to get themselves inked.

Girls unlike their counterparts prefer smaller, delicate and colorful designs. Hence, when it comes to tattoo ideas for girls, flowers, butterflies and hearts are the most common designs that strike us. But, mind you they are not the only ones. There are prettier and daintier women specific tattoo designs. If you’ve never thought of them before, sit back as we walk you through the different tattoo ideas for girls. We will start with the popular picks.

1. Flowers

dandelion flower tattoos for womenimage via: loveitsomuch

Most tattoo artists report that girls prefer floral designs. Why? Because of their symbolism. Flowers denote beauty, they symbolize femininity. In addition to this, different flowers convey different meanings. A rose stands for love; daisies symbolize innocence while orchids stand for luxury and beauty. Floral tattoo designs could be a small individual flower or larger tattoos with the entire bloom or vine. The foot, ankle, back, neck, arm or shoulder is ideal places for floral tattoos.

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