You want to have the most transparent relationship with your spouse. You share your joys and sorrows, your strengths and weaknesses, bad habits of the past and the few you’re still working on! But, are you sure you’ve told him everything? What about those deep and dark secrets you have locked in one corner of your heart?

Every woman has some part of her life she doesn’t allow anyone to access except herself. That’s a corner only she can peek into. I am sure you have one too. You may view these secrets as “MINE”, but in reality they are actually “OURS”. They are common to the women species. If you still can’t believe, you can read on. And, if you’re a male reader, let’s warn you- Be prepared for some surprises!


1. My best friend knows about us… A Little more than you are aware

We simply cannot stomach stuff and love to share it with our besties. You happen to tell him that you shared this really personal issue with Sabrina or Samantha. He gives you the “Why?” look and then you justify “only a little”. But, inside you know you’ve let out the exclusive details.


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