I think men have it easier when it comes to picking gifts for their counterparts. But, women often find it hard to choose something for their man. In comparison, the options are so limited. And what adds to the trouble is when your spouse, fiancé or boyfriend is bent on his personal preferences and won’t accept anything else.

The trick to gifting your man successfully is to choose something based on the type of person he is. Is he a workaholic? Does he love music? Does he love to have his hands in the mud or among his tools? Or the latest in the list is he a fitness buff?

Today most men take fitness very seriously. They work out to build the coveted well toned and sculpted body. Not only this many to turn to exercise for the sake of their health. So if, your spouse is a fitness freak, here are some gifting options for him.


1. Fitness Equipment and Gear

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He has been going over the thought of getting an elliptical bike or a treadmill for the house. It will save him time going to the gym. Besides, you can join him too he said. If this is the case and if your budget permits, you can surprise him with one. Only ensure he has not booked one already. Other fitness equipment you can present him with are weights, dumbbells, hand exercise balls, Hula Hoop rings and yoga and exercise mats. In addition to this, you could think of pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie counter and sports watches that will help them keep a track of their progress and make their exercise programs more fruitful.

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