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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

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Very few couples are fortunate to live to celebrate their Golden Jubilee. If your parents are one of the, join in as they commemorate this milestone in their life. Present them with gifts they will treasure for years to come.

Given are some unique 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents. Make your choice.


1. Stay True to the Theme with Gold

Like silver celebrates 25 years of marital bliss, gold stands symbol for 50 years of togetherness populated with happy and sad memories, compromises, sacrifices, love, passion, joy and a lot more. Reinforce the theme with a golden gift. The best gifts in gold are pieces of jewelry. In addition to this, you can gift gold plated frames and plaques with the couple’s initials or a special message.


2. Gather the family

Parents never reveal, but their greatest joy is in seeing their family together. As children grow up, they move on with their own life. Some move out after marriage while some move on to pursue their career. They come back once or twice a year during vacations.

A surprise family get-together including children, grandchildren, siblings, friends and co-workers can be one of the best and most memorable gifts you can give them. It could be a picnic to spot you’ll used to visit as children or a simple barbecue party in the backyard. You can also choose a popular wedding venue to celebrate the occasion. Plan this event in advance so that each one of you will be able to make it.


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