So, your pregnancy test read positive? Congratulations!

When a woman comes to know of her pregnancy she feels on top of the world. And why shouldn’t she. It is after all the most beautiful phase of her life. But, being pregnant also calls for making serious alterations to your lifestyle. As a mom-to-be, you should remember that henceforth you eat for two, sleep for two and live for two.

Women who will soon be first time moms are often confused about what they should and should not do. So, here’s a pregnant woman’s checklist listing the dos and don’ts of pregnancy.


1. Schedule your prenatal appointments

After the happiness sinks in it is time to get serious. Make your first prenatal appointment to get your pregnancy off on the right foot. Scheduling regular appointments and attending them is important for your health as well as that of your baby. We pray that you have a safe pregnancy. However, should any health issues or birth defects arise; early diagnosis will help treat them more effectively.


2. A daily dosage of folic acid

Folic acid is one of the most essential pregnancy nutrients. Folic acid is very beneficial to the growing fetus. It reduces the risk of heart defects, spinal problems and neural tube defects. Eating folate rich foods such as spinach, green beans and sprouts is not enough during pregnancy. Therefore, you will require a supplement. Take the dosage of folic acid recommended by the doctor.

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