Having a child of her own is every woman’s ardent desire. And, when the stork finally comes visiting she readily accepts the multitude of changes without any complaints. One of them is a major wardrobe overhaul. A few decades ago, Moms-to-be used to start stocking their closets with loose, baggy gowns and shirts either borrowed from a friend or an altered version of their own clothes even before they were through with their first trimester.

However, the scenario has changed today. Several clothing brands have come forward to offer an extensive range of trendy maternity wear that fulfills the style and comfort requirements of pregnancy. From clothes to foot wear, you’re spoilt for choice. All you have to do is pick and choose based on your fashion preferences and the safety of your baby and we are here to help with just that. We hope you enjoy our “An Expectant Mother’s Guide to Stay Stylish during Pregnancy.”

Maternity Clothing… Your Wardrobe Simply Cannot Do Without These.


tips choosing the right undergarments for pregnant women

The lingerie needs to be upgraded before everything else. During pregnancy, you will gain weight on the thighs. There is also an increase in the breast size. You need to stock your wardrobe with elastic bras and panties that will provide the necessary support while also keeping you comfortable. Sport bras are a good choice.

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