Women can never have enough of shoes. Their shoe rack teems with shoes in varied colors and styles but, despite this they ensure that they do not return without another a pair or two on their next shopping spree. This is about women and their undying love for shoes.

However, having hundreds of pairs does not complete a woman’s shoe rack alone. There are a few essentials that every woman must come to own. Some add sophistication, some oomph and some are all about comfort and fitness.

If you’re unaware of the must- haves in a woman’s shoe rack, you can check against our list to see what’s missing.

1. Pumps

IRON FIST Sweet Skull O Mine Platfom Heels
IRON FIST Sweet Skull O Mine Platfom Heels

A pair of high polished pumps symbolizes class, crispness and sophistication. Lining shelves since centuries, this style of footwear is known for its versatility. It looks great with dresses, dress pants, skirts and jeans and can be worn to the office, dinner parties and outings with friends. Get yourself a pair in black or neutral tones as they complement most outfits.

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