If you ever poke around in a woman’s closet, you will definitely find a pair of black or nude pumps. Pumps are a staple in every woman’s closet. It fits well into your office attire, can be worn to social gatherings, dinner parties and night outings with friends. They are comfortable and add class to your look.

Being fashionable implies dressing to perfection from head to toe. A wrong pair of pumps, both in terms of style and comfort level, can make you miserable. This is our sincere effort to help you pick a comfortable pair of pumps for your closet (If it’s missing one). We hope you enjoy it.

1. What are Pumps?

Pumps are a popular style of women’s shoes. It has dominated the shoe scene for decades and has seen various changes and additions to its basic form. The word ‘Pump’ is used to refer to heeled shoes for women. However, it derives its name from ‘Pompes’, a breed of heelless shoes for men that came years before the pumps. The classic pump features a closed toe and back. It has a seamless profile with a low cut front that reveals some toe cleavage. The height of the heel generally ranges between 3 to 5 inches.

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