We women are always fussing about our looks sweating it out in front of the mirror. We want to attract the opposite sex. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Men like girls who are good looking, but when it comes to a serious relationship, the one that goes “beyond being friends”, it’s always more than appearance. In fact, it is the least that counts.

Did your jaw just drop? Here’s what most men like their women to be.

  1. Good listeners –

Are you the one who does all the talking in your relationship? Well, its better you pull the zipper on your mouth before he gets bored of your endless prattle. Men like women who listen to them patiently, knowing that they can confide in them whenever they need.

  1. Caring and compassionate –

Men show that they don’t want to be pampered, but in reality they truly appreciate care and compassion. They want to feel loved; to be cuddled when they are feeling low and to be surprised on special occasions.

  1. Imperfect yet genuine –

Most men agree that they wouldn’t mind a casual fling with women who dress to impress. It is the inner beauty that attracts them and not physical factors only. They like a real girl, imperfect yet genuine. A true guy loves all those little complaints you have about yourself.

  1. A good cook –

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… Whoever said it, said it right. Really why? It might sound a little traditional but a woman who knows here way in the kitchen would be a good wife, mother and above all a good homemaker. That’s the type of women men want to settle down with.

  1. Open-minded and No-Nagging –

As much as they loved to be babied, men also don’t want you cramming their personal space. If you tell him you love him a dozen times a day or throw a hundred questions when he bumps into his ex, you’re sure becoming a clingy pest that he is waiting to get rid of. You wouldn’t want him to ask every detail of how you spent your day right? So, respect his privacy and give him his space.

  1. Confident –

If until now you’re thinking you are not good-looking enough to attract men, you might want to reconsider the thought. It might actually be because you lack self-confidence. If you want to impress a guy, you have to show him that you are confident in your own skin.

  1. Funny –

A little humor to laugh at his silly jokes is another trait he will appreciate. Men like it when women make them comfortable and let them be themselves.

  1. Strong –

Men might be physically strong, but emotionally they tend to be weak. He wants you to be the woman he can count on when things start turning ugly. If you keep crying about your troubles, you will only drive men away.

  1. Intelligent –

We are not talking about a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. You should know your mind, be able to form your opinions and hold your ground come what may. Beauty and brains is a possible combination.

  1. Independent –

Men find a strange attraction for women who are self-reliant and in full control of their lives.  You can turn on a man by showing him that you have a life of your own and that you love it. Men like independent women because of the challenge they offer.


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