You’re speaking casually to your wife or GF relating the events of the day. But, then suddenly the talk veers in a different direction. Before you even have time to think of what went wrong, the pillow is slammed in your face, you’re greeted with a cold stare or worse you’re left to hear a never ending list of complaints which will always have a mention of one of the members of your family (her in-laws).

As you sit there alone grim and grumpy, her highly animated voice in the background you silently review your conversation to locate the utterance that played troublemaker. Finally you spot the “Taboo” word and swear never to utter it again.

I speak for our counterparts today and can vouch all husbands or boyfriends have been through such a situation at least once. If you are in a relationship, you better be aware that there are several things you simply cannot afford to say to your girl. You may already be familiar with some and here are a few more.

So, listen up husbands!


1. Um… You’re looking a little fat

She’s bought a new dress and asks for your valuable opinion. There’s no denying she’s looking a little plump, but you are not allowed to be snappy.

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