In the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparations, there are few tiny details that are often given a miss. Weput them off for a later time, but eventually forget about them. For this reason, “Oh hell, I was supposed to this” or “Oh shit! I completely forgot” are lines you will commonly hear at a wedding house especially from the bride.

If you don’t want to find yourself in a similar spot on your wedding day, here are some minute details you should pay attention to. Check against our list and see what’s missing in your to-do-list.


1. A fancy hanger for your wedding dress

Have you browsed wedding portraits at the photographer’s studio? There will always be a picture of a dress hanging from a height. If you do not want a shabby plastic or wire hanger ruining this photograph, make sure you shop for a fancy hanger in advance.


2. Informing family members about reserved seating

You have meticulously chalked out a seating arrangement and prepared pretty “Reserved” signs for tables where your family members shall sit. Unfortunately you forget to the tell them. What a bungle! At the rehearsal inform family members about what’ve you’ve planned.

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