You have those secret charms to keep your guy smitten by you. And, while most of the times you are busy looking up the things to do to keep his interest in you, you are forgetting the many things about you that turn him off. This could be quite a subjective topic with very guy having his own likes and dislikes. Nonetheless, there are a few universal ones.

So, get ready and take note of the 15 major turn offs for guys. If you don’t read, you’ll barely have a chance to know. After all, he’s never going to tell you!

1. Too Much Makeup –

You want to look attractive for him. It is fine, but overdoing it will only drive him away. Excessive makeup looks gaudy. Stick with less; he will appreciate your originality.

2. Bad Body Odor –

Bad body odor can really set someone off whether he is your boyfriend or a stranger sharing the elevator with you. You might not have sweaty, smelly underarms generally, but it might happen occasionally. So, make sure you smell nice, at least fresh.

3. Too Much Perfume –

As much as bad body odor can turn him off, dabbing the entire bottle of perfume before you head out is also not such a good option. Female fragrances tend to be a heady mix as it is and going overboard can make your guy sick. So, keep it light.

4. Bad Breath –

Bad breath is another physical aspect that can make guys awkward around you. If you suffer from bad breath, pop in a mint sweet or chewing gum. Also, before heading out for a date, make sure there is no food stuck in your teeth.

5. Unkempt Nails –

Men thinking about nails might sound out of place. But it matters to them because it is an indication of the girl’s take on personal hygiene. Chipped, chewed and dirty nails are a complete no-no. There are many guys who don’t appreciate long nails either; especially if they’ve been nipped before. Go with the basic – trim, file and polish.

6. Disheveled Hair –

Guys like their girls looking good because they want to show you off to their friends. Therefore, if you keep making your public appearances like a messy mop, he’ll prefer venturing out alone. You don’t need fancy hairstyles, just something that makes you look chic and tidy.

7. Being Cranky and Clingy –

We love to be pampered by our guys. But mind you, he doesn’t enjoy this game too much. He is sure not looking for a cry-baby as his girlfriend and neither does he want someone who is constantly mothering him by eating into his personal space. Women who are desperate get nowhere.

8. Talking About Your Exes Constantly –

Believe me! Although they show that they don’t care a damn for who your ex was or what he did, he hates him and he hates you talking about him. Come on girls, put yourself in his shoes. Wouldn’t you be as insecure?

9. Being High Maintenance –

Guys often walk away from high-maintenance girlfriends because girls of this type make the game really hard and it’s tough to keep up with demands in the long run. They get tired of it and move on to someone who understand them better.

10. Being Too Easy –

Men like their women to be challenging – someone who is interesting, someone who has a life of her own above and beyond the relationship. Don’t be a little girl and give in to everything. If you are being too easy, he will get bored soon.

11. Unpunctuality –

In the end, it is always worth the time spent in front of the mirror. But, if you make the person wait for hours while you get ready, you are going to put him off. It would be better to plan your day so that you have enough time to get prepped before he comes.

12. Not Offering to Pay –

A gentleman will never allow a woman to pay when out, but you cannot simply take for granted. Once a while offer to pay the cheque or take the treat on yourself. He will appreciate it.

13. Making Decisions For Him –

He is a full-grown man, girls! And, so can take his decisions independently. He might also not feel the need to consult you unless you are involved in the plan. So, if you are being overbearing, it might take your relationship in the opposite direction. Giving ultimatums also does not go down well with them.

14. Rude Behavior –

Don’t expect to attract guys if you like to show your attitude and behave rudely with others. You might have a rainy day when you blow all your anger on someone, but don’t make it your way of life.

15. Gossiping About Others –

Gossiping about others, especially about other girlfriends doesn’t show good.  You come across as a person with less respect for yourself as well as others. And, that’s definitely not how you would like him to see you.

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