Acne is like the most common problem after weight gain. You go to any corner of the planet and you will hear every second teenager cursing away at it. Unfortunately, many teens carry those ugly zits into adulthood making it an even graver problem. And, while you’re taking every precaution to prevent them from showing up, you might actually be doing something that is making it worse.

Want to know what those habits are? You can learn of them right here.

  1. Picking and Popping Pimples –

This is an all-time favorite. We cannot bear to see it there so the best thing to do is pop it. I know it is hard to resist the urge, but picking your skin will only make it worse. It spreads the infection, stretches the healing time and also increases the possibilities of scarring. The best thing I would advise is don’t look into mirror or shroud it with some zit cream.

  1. Using a Dirty Scarf

Many of us wear a scarf to shield the skin from the sun. The oil and sweat from your skin collect on the cloth and with repeated use get lodged into your skin. Aren’t pimples the result of clogged pores? Try as much as possible to use clean scarves.

  1. Over-Washing and Over-Scrubbing

Dirty skin can make acne worse, but it surely does not imply that you scrub and scrub. Twice a day is good to go with. Over washing strips the skin of essential oils that work as a protective layer. The scrubbing action also inflames it further. If your skin turns red and stings after a cleansing routine, take the hint; you are overdoing it. Also, do not use a dirty washcloth, loofah or scrubbing pad.

  1. Slathering the Wrong Products –

When it comes to skin and hair, there is no one-product-suits-all. You should choose products designed for “acne-prone skin” or those labeled “non-comedogenic”. Oil-based products tend to clog pores and hence should be avoided. You should also steer clear of alcohol-based products, harsh cleansers and alkaline bar soaps.

  1. Using too many products at a time –

Yes, you are desperate to get rid of the ugly zits on your face, but using too many products to get faster results is not the answer. The ingredients in each of the products might interact resulting in more damage to the skin.

  1. Using Hair Products on the Skin –

We do not do so intentionally, yet a wee bit of the gel, pomade or anti-frizz product shows up on the skin. Skin and hair products are created different and hence should not be mixed.

  1. Not Waiting It Out –

Every treatment has its own waiting period before it shows noticeable results. But most of us want results overnight. So, when one does not work, we jump to the second. In doing so, you are only sabotaging the treatment. Another way we try to self-treat our condition is by using them in a measure we want.

  1. Not Seeing a Dermatologist –

Why see one when there are over-the-counter products to take care of the problem, right? OTC medications do help clear out acne; however, seeking medical advice will only add benefits. A dermatologist is in a better position to identify the cause of acne and prescribe topical treatments and oral antibiotics based on your specific condition.

So, give up these bad habits and say goodbye to acne!

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