The one thing we are all trying to do is lose weight. However, as much as we strive to get rid of the pounds, we only tend to pack a few more. If there is an event coming up and you need to look prim and trim, you might want to consider experimenting with what you wear. We have a list of 15 dressing tips to make you look slimmer instantly.  


  1. Go for darker colors such as black, mahogany, midnight blue, dark green and aubergine as they mask the curves and thereby have a slimming effect.
  2. It is important to wear clothes in the right fit. Wearing loose and baggy clothes will make you look fatter while extremely tight clothes will highlight all the lumps and bumps.
  3. Pockets make your outfit more convenient, but they also add bulk. You should avoid outfits with patch pockets particularly on those areas you are heavier such as the bust and the midsection.
  4. Wear a straight-cut-maxi skirt to hide heavy thighs and ankles and add length.
  5. In terms of patterns, go for vertical stripes. They tend to elongate the body. They should be brighter on the front and darker on the sides.
  6. With a fitted bodice and a loose skirt, an empire waist dress or blouse helps greatly to conceal a flabby tummy and a heavy bottom.
  7. Gathers and pleats on a dress or skirt create the illusion of a fuller waistline. Hence, they should be avoided. Sheath dresses look better.
  8. Cropped pants are generally not a good idea for women with short and heavy legs as they make your legs appear shorter. If you must wear them, wear skinny pants that are in the same or similar color as your skin.


  1. Chunky necklaces and chokers will further emphasize a short and chubby neck making it look heavier. Wear longer necklaces preferably the stringed and layered ones. Wearing a statement bracelet or bangle will automatically shrink a bulky arm making it appear slimmer. Cocktail rings and stocky fingers also pair well.
  2. If you like to wear scarves or stole with your outfits, choose one made in a lighter fabric. Loop it loosely around your neck; avoid wrapping it in concentric coils. To add, the scarf or stole should always be in a contrasting color and not the same as your outfit.
  3. Women with a pear-shaped figure (slim waist and heavy bottom) should draw attention to their small waist if they want to look slimmer. You can clinch the waist with a belt, but make sure you choose the right type.
  4. The right handbag can also go a long way into making you look slimmer or fatter. A larger handbag will draw attention away from your heavy figure. However, if you are short and fat, go for a medium-sized one. 


  1. Go for shoes that match your skin tone. It lengthens the appearance of your leg making it look slimmer.
  2. If you opt for tights or long pants, match the color of the shoes and the pants. It creates the illusion of longer and slimmer legs.
  3. Women with a stocky figure, short and heavy calves, should avoid ankle straps. Horizontal lines add width.


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