10 Skirts: Dress Flatteringly for Your Body Shape

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Skirts as a piece of women’s clothing are classed by their simplicity and sensuality; they bring out a woman’s femininity with subtlety. But, there is one condition. It is necessary that you wear a skirt that suits your frame.

Various styles of skirts have evolved over the years. Besides, each woman has a different body shape. Thus, there can never be a one-style-fits-all. Choosing the right type of skirt is no doubt a perplexing task. But, we can simplify it for you.

Given below is a brief description of the various styles of skirts along with the body shape its suits the best. Whether you have a slender, petite frame or a curvy one, there’s something for everyone. So come take a look.


1. A-line Skirts

A common type of skirt, the A-line skirt has a slightly flare silhouette that resembles the letter “A”. The A-Line skirt fits at the waist and increases in width as it progresses towards the bottom. This style of skirt is best suited for women with a pear shaped and hourglass figure as it accentuates their curves without making it look voluptuous.


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