Justin Bieber makes headlines once again! But, this time it’s his pet monkey Mally and not ex-girlfriend Selena that gained him notoriety in the press. The German animal shelter where the capuchin monkey was held has slapped a hefty bill on the celebrity singer as charges for the upkeep of the pet since its detention in March. Not only this, they have served a deadline to Justin to claim the pet. Failure to do so would result in Mally being transferred to a zoo or an animal shelter.

Not long ago, Justin Bieber’s pet monkey was confiscated by custom officials at the Munich airport on March 28 as the singer did not have the correct papers to travel with the monkey. The documents required were vaccination and import papers. The singer was on a tour in Germany when the incident occurred.

Mally is a 20 week old capuchin monkey. It was gifted to Bieber on his 19th birthday by music producer Jamal “Mally Mal” Rashid. Following its detainment in Germany, the monkey was looked after by a Munich animal shelter for almost two months. The manager of the animal shelter Karl Heinz Joachim said that the monkey was doing well and had gained weight during its stay at the shelter.

They also stated that the monkey was separated from its mother only nine weeks after its birth. They criticized the 19 year old singer’s decision to keep such a young capuchin monkey as a pet because capuchins are separated from their mothers only after a year. They also added that capuchins cannot be raised alone as they have a very high social quotient and grow well in groups. Mr. Joachim said, “The best thing would be not to buy one at all, but if you do buy five.” The authorities were enraged by the manner in which Justine Bieber has abandoned his monkey.

A representative of Munich’s customs office shared that the expenses incurred on the capuchin monkey Mally in the form of food, vet visits and general care amounts to thousands of dollars. The Munich animal shelter is adamant to recover the upkeep expenses from the singer whether he reclaims the monkey or not. Thomas Meister, spokesperson of the Munich customs office disclosed that authorities had served a deadline on Bieber, Friday midnight, to claim his 20 week old pet. If he did not do so, his pet will then be considered official property of the German authorities and will be sent to a German zoo.

“If no further documents arrive then the seizure order comes into effect and the animal becomes the property of the German state,’ said Thomas Meister.

Selected reports state that the singer’s management team has already informed the animal shelter authorities that the singer does not desire to reclaim the creature. However the custom officials state that they are still awaiting an official confirmation from either Bieber or an authorized representative appointed by the pop star.

‘Our contact is the person that the monkey belongs to,’ said Mr. Meister. ‘We’ve had contact with lots of people but none of them was an authorized representative.’

Poor Mally! We hope you get a good home soon.


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