Kim Kardashian is a perfectionist. In fact, with the spotlight following them everywhere, all the members of the Kardashian family make it a point to be dressed to their best before they step out. But, we think and I am sure many of you would agree that it’s high time the mommy-to-be chose comfort over fashion.

Currently in her third trimester, reality star Kim Kardashian is in no way ready to swap her stylish clothes and accessories for comfortable maternity clothing. At a time when most women would prefer loose dresses and tops, Kanye West’s baby mama continues to don skintight dresses and towering heels.

Kim Kardashian recently became the butt of criticism when she hit the streets of Los Angeles in a pair of painfully tight stilettos. Her enormously swollen feet were literally cramped by the ill fitting sandals.

On Thursday, May 16, Kim Kardashian was spotted with mother Kris Jenner as she stepped out to shop for makeup at the Naimie’s Beauty Center in Studio City. She was dressed in a figure hugging white dress with an attached cape. She had a sleek, black handbag to go with it. However, she made the biggest mistake with her footwear. The shoes featured clear, plastic straps across the center of her foot and nude straps that wrapped around the ankles. The sandals were so tight that one could easily see bulging, pinched portions between the straps.

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Mother Kris Jenner on the other hand looked slim as a pin. Also dressed in white and black leather leggings paired with heels, the mother of six looked very jolly unlike daughter Kim who wore a somber look.

Kim Kardashian has been suffering painful swollen feet for a long time now. And the shoe blunder is a repeat mistake. On a previous occasion too the 32 year old starlet wore tight, strappy shoes and had to bear the brunt of it later. She posted a picture of the intricate imprint created by the pair of designer Givenchy heels on Instagram on May 4 tagged “Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?”

Since the past few days, the rapper’s girlfriend is being repeatedly pulled up by the fashion police. But, Cheryl Cole tried to be a little kinder towards Kim. On Thursday Cheryl advised Kim to ignore the hullabaloo over her pregnancy weight.

In a tweet she said – @kimkardashian. Hi Gorgeous lady! Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out.

“I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take!”

“I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy #enjoyyourblessing x,” she added.

To this Kim immediately replied “Your message really touched me! Thank you so much for the support & positivity! It’s so important for women to feel confident & at peace during this amazing time! Your sweet tweet really made me smile! Xoxo.”

Well Kim, you can reserve your fashion agenda for after July. But, for now just go slow and slip into some trendy flats.


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