Several men have a fetish for cars and bikes. We are all aware of it. But, what we would like to know is what happens when a man’s prized possession especially one as pricey as a Lamborghini gets crashed by your girlfriend’s gates. Perhaps only rapper Kanye West would be able to answer this question for his $750,000 Lamborghini was damaged thanks to girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s electric gates. Read the exclusive details below.

The 35 year old father-to-be Kanye West once again grabbed a spot for himself in the tabloids when his Lamborghini Aventador was crushed and trapped by Kim’s electric gates. West wasn’t driving the vehicle at that time.

On Tuesday, May 14the fancy matte black Lamborghini was delivered to Kim’s Beverly Hills resident after a service appointment. However, the guy behind the wheel was not fast enough to drive it through the gates. The car had hardly entered the premises when the heavy wooden electric gates closed on the car damaging the pricey set of wheels. The gates smashed the matte black sides of the vehicle.

According to a source speaking to, “The driver pulled into the gate but didn’t make it all the way in before the gate closed on both sides of the car.” Oops, what a blunder!

The local garage that had handled the service immediately sent a car detailer to inspect the damage caused to the vehicle and to draw up a rough estimate of the cost to fix the damage. We all know that even a slight scratch on a luxury car like a Lamborghini would causes a dent in one’s pocket. Well let’s hope the damage is not too much.

The value of the vehicle is estimated at $750,000. The car is also a birthday gift to Kanye from girlfriend Kardashian. Kanye West owns a bevy of svelte, fancy and pricey cars. We wonder how furious he was to learn about his Lamborghini. The singer was in New York when the incident occurred.

Things don’t seem to be going right for Kanye West this month. Not only did his car get a dent but also his forehead when the singer went head on into a street sign last Friday. He was accompanied by baby mama Kim Kardashian when the incident occurred.

Both Kanye and Kim were house hunting in the Beverly Hill locality over the weekend. They were heading to a nearby eatery, busy chatting when he walked straight into the signpost. The accident more embarrassing because it read “Caution: Watch for Pedestrians”. Kim grabbed his arm and tried to coax him. They went into the restaurant and got first aid. However, the ordeal was not over yet. A fuming Kanye returned, lashed out at the photographer who had captured the accident. A video recording by TMZ shows Kanye yelling “Don’t take another f**king photo man. All you motherf**kers stop it.”

And the troubles don’t end here for the couple. On the previous day May 13, Kanye’s girlfriend and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim had to battle the paparazzi too. She tweeted, “A paparazzi almost crashed into my car today! I am still shaking! He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???”

We hope your bad luck ends soon Kanye.


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