We’ve already rated Legging Outfits as the clothing items you should slip on as you head out into the streets coming Year.

They are comfy.

They are warm.

And, they are so convenient for those endless trial sessions!

But we’ve seen the opinion quite divided as far as the humble leggings are concerned. While a few of you swear by them, many others look at it as nothing close to chic; they are a poor substitute for pants.

Oh not at all! They are a good alternative for the ol’ denims.  If you have a pair of leggings that you want to make part of your 2016 closet, we’ll show you 10 different ways to spice up your outfit.

  1. Sweater –

Legging Outfits set 1

It’s a great leggings style idea, if you want to stay warm minus all the layering.

Pair your leggings with a long, cozy, slightly fitted sweater. Finish off your outfit with a pair of knee-high leather boots or loafers and printed scarf to go around your neck.

An alternative is a sweater dress, something link a poncho. If it’s a roomy one, you can cinch the waist with a matching belt and add some shape.

Get this look – 


  1. Button-down shirt –

Legging Outfits set 2

The simplest look you can never go wrong with is a pair of leggings with a long button down-shirt. The formality of the button down gels well with the causal leggings. Make sure the leggings are color coordinated.

We simply love the bright white/light blue shirt and black leggings look. Since, heels are an absolute no this Black Friday, go for ballerinas or oxfords.

Plaid button-down shirts are also a popular trend in 2015. Add a faux fur vest and there’s no questioning your look.

 Get this look :


  1. Chambray top –

Legging Outfits set-3

The denim shirt aka chambray is your next chic option after the formal button down. Don’t go for a figure hugging top. A slightly loose form cleverly balances out the fitting form of the leggings.  In terms of the length, the chambray should hit mid-thigh.

Keep it basic with a chambray shirt, black leggings, flats and a decent structured leather handbag in black.

Go elaborated with a deep blue chambray, black leggings, white tank, brown heeled boots and a brown scarf!

Get this look:



  1. Tunic –

Legging Outfits set 4

Their asymmetrical shape and loose form make them an ideal pair up for leggings. Tunics are longer at the back and shorter in the front.

A printed tunic, solid leggings and flats – that’s the look you should aim for. Glam it up with a long chain necklace, a dozen bangle bracelets and clutch.

 Get this look:


  1. Mini-dress –

Legging Outfits set-5

Did the chill of winter make you pack up all your summery dresses? You can rock a chic mini dress with a pair of leggings. It’s a great option if you think the tunic will look too generic.

Top your pair with a vivid pattern sundress finished off with denim jacket/fitted blazer, bulky woolen scarf and ankle boots.

 Get this look:


  1. Long T-shirt –

Legging Outfits set 6

For some reason graphic tees have always held my fancy and leggings give me another good reason to wear them.

If it’s a casual look you want to pull together, (aren’t you going shopping), team your leggings with a graphic (long enough) T-shirt, sneakers, cool shades and stole/scarf. You can if you wish to finish it off with a sway sweater or a cropped denim jacket.

 Get this look:


  1. Trench Coat –

Legging Outfits set 7

Shopping on Black Friday also means braving the cold. Keep yourself warm and cozy in a trench coat.

Our look for this style idea is – a white shirt, black leather leggings, tan trench coat, flats/high riding boots. Add a chunky necklace and a structured handbag for an instant touch of glam.

 Get this look:


  1. Long Cardigan –

Legging Outfits set 8

Sometimes you don’t like the idea of a long T-shirt, but you want the extra coverage it promises. Not an issue. Just drape your look with a really long cardigan. It’s comfortable and looks stylish.

 Get this look:


  1. Mini- skirt –

Legging Outfits set 9

Have a short skirt you are not too confident too wear otherwise? Layer it over a pair of matching leggings.

A print skirt over plain leggings looks elegant. You can go for a pencil tight or a plain skirt. Wear them with boots and a wrap sweater and you are good to go.

 Get this look:


  1. Boy shorts –

Legging Outfits set 10

Finally, you can also wear your leggings with shorts for a funky, college girl look.

A classic style idea is denim shorts with black leggings, a matching T-shirt or shirt and a fitted jacket. You can skip the coat and pick a scarf instead. As for the shoes, I don’t think there is anything else to wear than sneakers.

Get this look:


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