Terms and Conditions


Following are the terms and conditions for the use of our online magazine Womanin.me. We request website users to read this terms and conditions document carefully. You can use our website and its services provided that you express consent to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Continued use of our website shall be deemed that you have read the clauses of this TOS and agree to be bound by them.


Eligibility to Use our Website

Any person, male or female, intending to use our website and its services must be above 18 years of age. A website user under the age of 18 years must use the website only with parental permission and guidance.


Member Conduct

The information displayed on this website, including but not limited to text, pictures, videos, graphics and software is our intellectual property and is copyrighted. Images and pictures displayed on our website have either been purchased from royalty free image stock sites or they have been licensed to us for use. As a website visitor, you are allowed to use website content for personal and non-commercial purposes only. However, you are not allowed to copy, sell, distribute, publish, reproduce, modify, transfer or transmit any information. Copying, redistribution, publication or transferring website content in part or full is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

You can however if you like a post or image, share to social sites or create back links to our site. But we request you to seek permission before doing so. We also reserve the right to revoke permission once granted.

The use of our website should be legal in the country in which you reside or the country from which you access our website. We request users to use the website for lawful purposes only. You should ensure that the use of our site does not violate any local, state or national laws. The use of the website should also not violate our proprietary right as well as those of our third party associates. Unlawful, libelous, harassing, abusive and defamatory member conduct shall not be tolerated.


Website Content and its Nature

The website contains a number of articles, images, graphics and videos. We shall prior to posting evaluate content for its accuracy and completeness. However, we do not guarantee that the information displayed on our website shall be free from errors and loopholes. We request users to use website content at their own risk.

The articles contained on this website are the opinions of the authors. They are a generalized, objective take on life and are not directed against a particular individual or groups of individuals. Use of the website implies that you are aware of the nature and content of the website are not offended by it. If you feel offended by the nature of website content we request you to stop using the website.

In addition to this we may at own discretion change, alter or delete website content. We shall thus not be responsible for damages caused due to the unavailability of website content. Prices and products mentioned on our website are subject to change.


Website Access and Availability

We employ the services of Third parties to maintain our website. We shall try to ensure that the website is available at all times. However, we do not make any representations for the same. We reserve the right to stop operating our website or certain sections of our website without prior notice. We may also block access to selected visitors who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of our website.


Third Party Links and Websites

Our online magazine may contain links to third part sites associated with us. These sites are managed by their respect owners and not by us. The inclusion of links, products and product information does not imply that we promote or endorse the product. We also disclaim responsibility for the nature, accuracy and reliability of content displayed on third party sites. We do not have any role in the transactions concluded between you and third party sites. You should use third party websites, content, products and services at your own risk. Besides you should submit any personal information only after first reading the terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Policy of the respective sites. Womanin.me shall not be responsible for any damages concerning your dealings with any of our Third Party associates.



“We” the owners of Womanin.me disclaim all responsibility any damages resulting out of the use or the inability to use the website and its content. Please read Website disclaimer for more information about the limitation of liability.


Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the Privacy of our customers.

Please read our Privacy Policy. It highlights the means by which we collect, store, use information collected from website visitors.

We value and respect our website visitors. However we shall be forced to take strict legal action against you in case you fail to comply with our terms and conditions.


Changes to this document

We update our terms and conditions policy regularly. It is our humble request to website visitors that they review the conditions and take note of the changes.