There are women who can never get enough of shoes and clothes. However, only a handful of women have a fetish for collecting bags.  Space is one of the major constraints; of course you need to have an extremely large closet to house a dozen or more bags. But then, you also cannot carry your everyday bag to the beach, right?  

We’ve scoured the market for 9 styles every woman should own. There are some meant exclusively for travel and grand affairs while there are a few that you can double up.


1. Backpack –

Double Pocket BackpackBuy Now -Double Pocket Backpack

I am sure it reminds you of school days, but as a matter of fact you are never too old to own one. Modern designs have shed off their masculine look featuring gentle curves and flirty colors.  It is great for days when you want to have your hands-free.


2. Everyday –

Buy Now : Casual Shopper + Pouch

It is easily identifiable with its basic, no-nonsense design. It is a compulsion for a working woman. Since this will be the one you will likely carry to work, make sure it has enough room to accommodate the essential including your laptop. With adjustable straps, you can wear it as an arm candy or sling it around your shoulder.


3. Crossbody bag –

Buy Now : Printed Shopper Crossbody 

For days, when there is not too much to carry, when you are out to watch or movie or enjoy a casual stroll with friends, the Crossbody makes the best option. You can wear it on your shoulder or across your body, whatever is comfortable to you.  It is big enough to house your wallet, cell phone and keys. Go for bright and flirty colors.


4. Weekender –

Buy Now : Weekender Tigers Shopper

The Weekender, also popular as the duffel bag, is the best bag to have at hand when you are planning a road trip or a sleepover with your girlfriends. They are big enough to accommodate a change of clothes, toiletries, some food stuffs and other essentials. Just because they are exclusively for travel does not mean that they need not be stylish.


5. Tote –

Buy Now : Structured Tote

Totes are neither too dressy nor too casual.  Most are designed plain since utility is given the upper hand here. With their open top and ample space, they make the best bags for running errands. A stylish one can also be carried to work if you have a lot of papers and files to take along.


6. Day Clutch –

Chain Buckle Clutch

Buy Now : Chain Buckle Clutch

The day clutch differs in their size, colors and materials they are made of. They look best in leather, suede, canvas, linen, vinyl and microfiber. Daytime clutches are made in a larger size to accommodate your phone, makeup essentials and wallet.


7. Evening Clutch –

Diamond Detail Clutch

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Evening clutches are meant for the night on the town. They are dressier in appearance made of patent leather, silk and satin and embellished with sequins, lace, beads, jewels and metallic accents. It teams well paired with a cocktail dress or LBD.


8. Beach Bag –

Beach Please Zip Purse

Buy Now : Beach Please Zip Purse

Leather and water don’t make a very good combination and neither does their sleek and polished look go well with the laid back atmosphere of the beach. You want to look for a crocheted or a knitted bag with a lot of frills and tassels to play up your fun and flirty look.


9. Sports Bag –

Buy Now : Varsity Duffel Bag

If you are a fitness freak and make numerous trips to the gym, you might want to consider adding a sports bag to your collection. You can keep it separate for your workout clothes and other gym essentials sparing you the trouble of having to constantly change over bags.

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