Ring on Angie’s Finger? It’s Brad Pitt’s Great Grandmother’s Wedding Ring

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The media has been keeping a close watch on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to pick up the slightest hints regarding their impending marriage. However, the mysterious simple gold band on Angie’s wedding finger left media person’s wondering if they had missed out on an important event in the life of this celebrated couple.

Did the couple tie the knot secretly? And if not, what was the mystery behind the gold band Angelina flashed on her visit to Africa. You can find the exclusive details right here.

Angelina recently was photographed wearing a thin gold band on her ring finger. Dressed in black from head to toe with her hand against the strap of her backpack, the ring small though it as very conspicuous against the stark background. The Salt actress was returning after visiting Congo and Rwanda. Angelina Jolie is a UN Ambassador and is known for her philanthropic activities. She was on anti-rape mission in the two countries and was accompanied by William Hague, UK Foreign Secretary.

The sighting of the ring on her finger sparked rumors that couple had tied the knot secretly. However, on questioning Angelina Jolie denied all reports regarding a secret marriage.

According to Grazia magazine, a source stated that Angelina decided to remove her engagement ring on her visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda because she thought it would be too “ostentatious”. Angelina did not think it right to be ostentatious and showy particularly given the fact that Congo and Rwanda were poorer countries. And for this reason the actress decided to remove her pricey £250,000 engagement ring.

The sources added further that Brad Pitt clearly understood her intention in doing so and supported her decision. However, he truly felt the need to give her something more special and understated that she could wear on her trip to the African States. Just before she could set out on her trip her fiancé, brad Pitt presented her with the plain gold band to wear on her trip to Africa. The wedding ring belongs to Brad Pitt’s great grandmother.

“Angelina seemed truly touched by the special gift of his great-grandmother’s wedding ring, and it meant a lot to be able to take it on the trip with her,” added a close friend and source. The star was deeply touched and enamored by this gesture. Giving more details on the issue a source told Grazia magazine “She couldn’t stop playing with the replacement ring which everyone was calling the trick ring.” The family heirloom given to Angelina is also a “sign of their impending marriage”.

This solves the mystery of the wedding ring finally allowing us to put all our speculations to rest.

Given that the couple has announced their decision to marry soon, let’s wait for reports that divulge details on their D-day. Other reports state that the couple has recently picked up their wedding licenses. This means that they will shortly which should be within the next 90 days. And as far as what we’ve heard they are expected to wed in Los Angeles from where they shall head to their £35million Chateau Miraval in Brignoles, France, in May. So, now watch out for the real wedding ring on Angie’s finger.



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